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Welcome to the ACWHRS

Welcome to the Home of the American Civil War Historical Re-enactment Society

The ACWHRS of Canada, or American Civil War Historical Re-enacting Society, is a registered charitable non-profit living history organization based in Southern Ontario, and is dedicated to preserving and exploring the memory of Canada's contribution to the War Between the States. 

Between 1861 -1865, over 40,000 subjects of Her Majesty Queen Victoria left the Dominion of Canada to enlist in America's bloody civil conflict. 

The majority of these men served in the Union armed forces, enlisting in regiments organized in the northern border states. 

Four Canadians attained the rank of general in Union service, and twenty-nine were awarded the Medal of Honour. Some also enlisted to fight for the Confederacy, and so Canadians also fought brother against brother.

Today very few Canadians know about this chapter in our history, or about the men whose bones rest in quiet cemeteries in Ontario, New York, Virginia, or in thousands of graves known only to God.

As living historians, or re-enactors, we stage mock battles but, much more importantly, are dedicated to exploring and recreating the daily lives of soldiers and civilians from this era. We strive for a high degree of authenticity in our portrayals (called impressions), and our members have amassed a high degree of knowledge and research. We frequently participate in events in the United States, and actively contribute to the cause of preserving America's battlefield heritage, as well as educate the public about Canada's involvement in the war between the States.

lf you are interested in participating in the ACWHRS, you can get some idea of the necessary equipment and costs by browsing our website. Requirements for our civilian, Confederate infantry, Medical and Artillery members will obviously vary and you can find contacts for those groups through the unit links portion of our website. 



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