10th Louisiana Insignia

1Oth Louisiana Infantry – Company C Army of Northern Virginia


The 10th Louisiana re-enactment regiment was formed on January 27, 1985 in Toronto, Canada. The decision to portray the 10th LA, a distinguished regiment of Lee's Army of Northern Virginia, was inspired by the purchase of a Don Troiani print, "Confederate Standard Bearer”, by one of its founding members.

Now, over 30 years later, "C" Company 10th LA, is a well-disciplined group of fighting men from all walks of life and varied cultures, who pride themselves on their ability to interpret the drills and maneuvers of the 1860s.  The 10th Louisiana is a member of the 4th Battalion, Army of Northern Virginia, and serves under its command at a number of events in the United States. The 10th LA is known in re-enacting circles for its enthusiasm, its high degree of esprit de corps, and its dedication to authentic living history.


The 10th has been actively involved in Civil War history preservation donating $2,600.00 in 1991 to the Confederate Memorial Hall in New Orleans for the purpose of having one of the two surviving flags of the 10th Louisiana cleaned, repaired, preserved and displayed. The flag so lovingly restored was the original flag issued to the regiment after the battle of Gettysburg.

John A. Huff, an ancestor of former and now honorary Captain Ray Huff, was born in Holland Landing, Ontario.  As a member of Co "E", 5th Michigan Cavalry, he was responsible for shooting and mortally wounding, J.E.B. Stuart at Yellow Tavern, Virginia on May 11, 1864. So we are connected to the past, as they say, by ties of blood.

The 10th is now commanded by Steve Mayes, who previously held the rank of 1st Lieutenant and is a very capable and competent officer. The company structure is as it was during the Civil War, with a Captain, one Lieutenant, one first Sergeant, NCO's and privates who make up the bulk of the ranks. Foot drill and manual of arms are based on Hardee's Infantry Tactics, as in the days when men marched shoulder to shoulder, and fired volleys with their .58 caliber Enfield rifled muskets into the opposing “Bluecoats”.

Past member Tom Brooks, the ACWHRS' master historian and resident ,"fossil", has written the only book on the history of the 1Oth Louisiana Regiment: "Lee's Foreign Legion".