Canadian Involvement in the American Civil War


As American Civil war re-enactors from Canada, we all have been asked the question, "If you are Canadian, why are you re-enacting an American War?"

In response to that question, there were over 40,000 Canadians who crossed the board and enlisted with both FEDERAL AND Confederates ARMIES, including Anderson Abbott (founder of the Toronto General Hospital), Sarah Edmunds (from New Brunswick), and Solomon Secord (from Kincardine, Ontario) just to name a few. 

This Canadian section will always be a work in progress. As new veterans are found and more research is done, this section will never be completed.

The ACWHRS is very proud of the Canadian involvement during this dark time in American history. Every year, members make trips to national cemeteries in the States to honour and place flags on the graves of fellow Canadians.

These Canadians shall never be forgotten due to amazing efforts by members Tom Brooks and Donna Elliott.  Without Tom and Donna, these men would be forgotten.

All The information in this section has been provided by Tom Brooks and Donna Elliott.